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Woman: Tips on Finding an Honest Auto Mechanic

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Author: Doreen Ries
May 2013

Ladies: Have you ever taken your car to a new mechanic and wondered ďAre they taking advantage of me because I am a woman? It can be tricky for anyone, but especially woman, to find an honest auto mechanic. Letís face itÖ.we women are not always masters of knowledge when it comes to knowing a lot about our vehicles and what makes them run. That is why it is incredibly important to do your homework before speaking to a mechanic. Following are some other tips that should help ladies feel more comfortable about selecting a mechanic that will be helpful and honest.

1) Talk to friends and family about the problem and then do a quick search on line for the issue that appears to fit your problem.
2) Take a look at the carís owner manual and see what it says in the troubleshooting section, or under the pages that relate to the area where the problem occurs.
3) Act confident and knowledgeable when presenting the vehicleís problems.
4) Try to learn some ďcar jargonĒ about the specific issue before you meet with the mechanic. Never seem like you have no idea what you are talking about. Do not make statements like ďItís making horrible noises and is probably dying on me.Ē That may be an open invitation to a very expensive mechanic bill.
5) Call several mechanics and bounce the problem off them and see what they say. If they arenít willing to speculate and have a conversation with you about potential causes for the problem, perhaps they arenít your type of service provider.
6) Make sure you feel comfortable with the mechanic you finally chose to do the work for you. See our related article: How to Find the Right Mechanic
7) Donít be afraid to ask a male friend or family member to go with you either when checking a mechanic out or dropping your vehicle. If it makes you more confident and comfortable, do it! Besides, you arenít being wimpy: Some men, frankly, will behave better if there is another male present.
8) When you take in your vehicle, make sure you get a written quote. If the service they perform requires different or additional work beyond what is in the written quote, they should ask your permission first. A mechanic should never go ahead with any work until you have authorized itÖ..otherwise you can refuse to pay for the repair. If parts are replaced, make sure they show you the parts or areas that are broken and need replacing.

If your vehicle needs repairs, get smart by doing a little homework. Sound intelligent when talking to your mechanics, and get quotes for service in writing. All of this will help ensure we women have the best chance of not getting taken advantage of.

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